PHAKAMISA is pronounced pa-ga-mee-sa.
A Zulu word meaning 'to uplift.'

  • Phakamisa UK - The Trust

    PHAKAMISA UK is a registered charity (1095757) and our principal role is to collect all the money donated in the UK, through individuals, groups, churches and send it to PHAKAMISA in Pinetown, South Africa, the focus of the charity’s efforts.

    The UK Trust comprises a dozen trustees, from around the UK, who meet twice a year. In between the main trust meetings, sub-committees ensure that agreed actions are implemented.

    We aim to raise over £100,000 per annum and we transfer funds to Pinetown monthly, which helps the team there plan its work in accordance with the resources available.

  • Supporters in the UK

    There are many people in the UK who make regular donations, whilst others give periodically, perhaps on a birthday or at the time of another family celebration. There are also specific fund-raising activities organised by trustees individually or collectively, or by church groups and other organisations. Some businesses donate a proportion of their profits to the work each year.