PHAKAMISA is pronounced pa-ga-mee-sa.
A Zulu word meaning 'to uplift.'

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Through our OVC programme, PHAKAMISA aims to assist orphans and vulnerable children under the age of six years in the areas we operate with our Wandering Teachers.


  • Wandering Teachers

    PHAKAMISA employs two Wandering Teachers – Thandi and Nomalanga  – who provide free pre-school education to children (mainly orphans and vulnerable children) living in informal settlements where homes are shacks with no access to basic services.
    The unofficial AIDS infection rate in these areas is 1 in 2. AIDS continues to have a devastating effect on the whole social system.They are dedicated amazing women providing a loving caring education.


  • Our Wandering Teachers work in a variety of huts, with no running water, electricty, toilets.  The care and education they provide is of a high standard and is testament to their skill and devotion with the children, learning and playing in a structured environment. PHAKAMISA is able to provide bread, apples and milk to the children during the day, a breakfast and lunch they may not otherwise receive.

  • The teaching resources are created by our Wandering Teachers using anti-waste and they follow a structured, planned daily programme which incorporates learning and play.  Toys in these pre-schools are few, will have originally been donated and are now battered and worn – but the children still manage to enjoy free play with them.