PHAKAMISA is pronounced pa-ga-mee-sa.
A Zulu word meaning 'to uplift.'

  • Caregiver Monitor

    Hello I’m Mamsie,  married with three boys  (16 years, 7 years and new baby Sam) and I’m a Phakamisa Caregiver Monitor.  I started at Phakamisa as a Caregiver leader, then in 2010 I became a part-time monitor working two days a week before becoming full time two years ago.  I love being with the gogo’s visiting them in their communities and groups to help them develop and share skills.  I love that I can help and support the caregivers as they share their problems.  In turn I love the Caregiver Trainers from whom I have learnt so much – skills, emotional, faith.


  • ECD Monitor.

    My name is Thabisile, and my role at Phakamisa is as an ECD (Early Childhood Development) Monitor.  I have three children,  my first son who is now at university with the second two  still at school.  I have recently graduated with a teaching degree from UNISA (University of South Africa), with my graduation day a special celebration.

    Responsible for Group 3,  I have 30 students who I monitor and encourage.  I enjoy being at Phakamisa, especially connecting with people.  In working with students and other teachers I pick up different ideas which I use in my work. At Phakamisa we pray and surround each other and our day in prayer – it’s an important part of our learning.

  • Sewing & Economic Empowerment Trainer

    I’m Alexia and starting in 2000 one of the longest serving members of Phakamisa’s staff.  I originally began Phakamisa life as an educare learner – as I had a creche.  But soon after coming to learn I began work as an Educare Monitor.  When Glenda (Glenda Howieson, whose vision Phakamisa was over 20 years ago) started the Caregiver Programme, I moved to help set up this programme by working as a monitor.  It wasn’t much longer that I then became a trainer beginning with sewing, but also adding home based care and parenting skills.  I currently teach sewing at both basic and advanced levels together with Economic Empowerment classes in cooking and decorating.

    I love working with and am close to my colleagues – we support and help one another.  Together we try to find ways to help develop the programme.